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South Australia

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Restorative Yoga, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra

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Hi, I’m Tina

I am a senior yoga teacher, and teacher of meditation, iRest® Yoga Nidra, and Somatic movement. I am based in Adelaide, South Australia. Everything I do is informed by Non-dual Shaiva Tantra (otherwise known as Kashmir Shaivism).

I guide “embodied” practices, meditation, meditative postural yoga and somatic movement practices grounded in the direct experience of the body. It is my passion to share these embodied pathways to abiding in our true nature, which I find to be full of joy.

Having left behind a decade of studio ownership, I can now dedicate my senior teaching years to a freer and more personal connection with those with whom I work.

I offer a variety of workshop experiences to teach in group settings, I am available for one-on-one sessions, and I am creating an ever-growing collection of digital resources for your independent practice and learning, which you can access for free by signing up on my website, http://www.tinashettigara.com.

Awakening is possible.

It is not for the future or just for someone else.

This work is life changing. Will you come and work with me?

Yoga and meditation qualifications

  • Certificate of teaching yoga, 350 hours, Yoga Spirit Studios with Rebecca Richards as Principle Teacher Trainer, 2009
  • Advanced Yoga teacher training 21 days in residence with Donna Farhi, Christchurch 2012
  • IRI Certified iRest® teacher, a 3 level training program with iRest® Institute, 2013 – 2016
  • Level 2 Somatic Movement Coach Essential Somatics (Martha Petersen) 2016
  • Over 1200 hours of training and Continuing Professional Development

Professional Memberships

  • Registered Senior Teacher, Yoga Australia
  • Member, Meditation Australia

My teachers

My deep gratitude to my first yoga teacher, Mrs Edna McNamara, who was already in her senior years when she instilled a love of yoga into the then 18-year-old me. I worked with Mrs Mac until I was 28.

Love and pranams to Rebecca Richards who guided me back to the path, and taught me the art of teaching. At that time I also learnt so much from Cherise Vallet and Sandra Bryant (now McCuish) who were trained in teaching by Rebecca and hand-picked to be on her staff. Rebecca had trained in the Iyengar style, but later learnt from Donna Farhi, also Iyengar trained, who had developed a softer, somatic, innovative contemporary stye informed by anatomy and movement studies and yoga therapy, and by her own embodied expereince, nevertheless rooted in the tradition of yoga philosophy.

So I am very fortunate to have also studied with Donna Farhi, and worked also with two of her teaching associates, Neal Ghoshal and Lisa Petersen, and I cherish the embodied and somatic style of yoga they embrace.

Acknowledgements to Martha Peterson of Essential Somatics who trained me to practice and teach Somatic movement in the style of Thomas Hanna.

Through Fuyuko Toyota and Jennifer Cabanero I came to meet iRest® creator and awakened being, Richard Miller, which brought me into the bosom of Kashmir Shaivism, or Non-dual Shaiva Tantra. Through iRest I was opened up, deeply healed and found a more enduring connection to Essence Nature, which I had been glimpsing all my life, but had no context to stabilize. Gratitude also to senior teachers of iRest, especially Anne Douglas, Stephanie Lopez and Molly Birkholm.

I humbly acknowledge all the teachers and lineage holders of the path of Non-dual Shaiva Tantra, whose voices reach to us across time with a freshness that is undimmed, and to those who draw upon that wellspring in the modern day, I have sipped from their offerings again and again, filling the cup that overflows into my own call to share the teachings.

Most humbly, I acknowledge my principal teacher of this path, scholar, translator, practitioner and teacher, Hareesh, Christopher D. Wallis, for his blessings to teach from the perspective of Non-dual Shaiva Tantra, and for his work in bringing the teachings to a broader audience.

Hari Om