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Hello. I’m Tracey Murray ~ yogi, writer, cook, creator of flow and food and yoga teacher in Canberra.

I offer flow and food personal programs and group yoga workshops to enrich lives, improve health and nurture wellbeing. My approach is to provide information and application of conscious energetic nourishment and meaningful yoga practice. I teach weekly yoga classes in studio – Traditional Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga and Meditation. I am focused on mind~body~soul connection and respect traditional yoga and intentional energy practices while being open to modern ideas and approaches. Everyone is different and it’s my goal to offer yoga that is accessible, intentional, effective and enjoyable.

Yoga and food are two of my passions. It makes sense for me to offer them in a connected way because that’s how I live my life. I spend time nurturing my home and garden and I care about my health. My health is a priority and an expense that I’ve not spared. It is our most important asset and one that should be invested in and payed attention to.

I adore whole, real food and I’m a proud freestyle home cook. I enjoy growing or sourcing fresh seasonal produce and considering nutritional value—and then the great yet simple pleasure of cooking at home, turning delights from my garden into a nutritional taste sensation on my plate. Eating is a sensory experience. Tasting food and feeling the effect of good food is wonderful. Importantly, I eat when I feel hungry. I learn by doing and am always evolving… it takes time! I feel ‘in the flow’ in my kitchen and like to play music when I cook. You may catch me doing yoga and creating sequences in that moment.

Yoga supports me. My time on my mat is important because it’s my private solitude. Yoga allows me to be present, process and restore balance when I feel off. I connect with me, clear my head, relax and feel good. I’ve developed an intuitive connection with myself, and I’ve made meaningful connections with others. Off the mat, I play with my son, teach, ride my bike, garden, walk, work, cook and swim. I also do life’sduties, relax, connect with people and enjoy down time. I’m a better person because of my balanced lifestyle.

I’ve practiced yoga for a decade, completed over 400 hours of yoga teacher training in Canberra, in Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga. I’m a Level 1 Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia and I teach personalised yoga 1:1, offer group yoga classes, run workshops and offer events.

I practice yoga and eat fresh, whole food to feel my best and live my best. I know how they contribute to my wellbeing and energy levels, and how they impact me. I have experienced poor gut health and being overweight. I’ve had brain fog, been menstrual and had terrible fatigue. I ebb and flow and it’s in these moments I do what I can to feel better. I want to help you enrich your life by understanding how you can serve yourself through movement and nourishment.

I’m not a chef, nutritionist, or doctor. I’m a yoga teacher, woman and mother. If I notice you need more expertise outside of my scope, I’ll tell you. I’m here to teach yoga, offer guidance and to facilitate enjoyable experiences that you can draw from to enrich your life.

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Canberra, Australia