110hr Meditation Teacher Training BRISBANE

Meditation, Yoga Nidra,

Intensives - more than 1 day

Intensives - more than 1 day



21 Feb 2020

24 Feb 2020


10:45am - 6:45pm



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Zama Institute

Zama Institute’s 110hr Meditation Teacher Training course will teach graduates a broad range of meditation concepts, styles and techniques to help them become multifaceted Meditation Teachers. Graduates will be equipped to help a broad change of populations apply meditation techniques to their everyday lives so they can experience the limitless benefits of this practice.

This course will empower graduates to use their knowledge to help people who suffer with stress, anxiety, pain, depression and ill health find relief through meditation. Meditation has been shown to reduce the inflammatory response, heighten the immune response, and to be closely on par with antidepressants for preventing major relapse of depression.

Graduates will:

* Learn how to teach students to consciously explore the waking state, the dreaming state, the sleeping state and how to experience all three collectively

* Understand and teach brain wave patterning and common states of mind related to such patterns

* Learn how to impart evidenced based research into meditation

* Learn how to teach meditation practices including yoga nidra, yogic meditations and mindfulness meditation

* Understand body-mind integration

* Learn how to conduct meditation sessions, restructure sessions and reevaluate situations with students

This course will focus on how meditation can be used every day to create pauses and peace in the normal chaos and help graduates teach their students what it means to be mindful. Students will also learn how to cultivate a daily meditation practice and how to make the best use of their time for effective meditation. We encourage our students to live by this highly valuable practice and share with others.

The course material includes audios, a comprehensive course manual, reading and reflections. Home practice, practicum hours, and online assessment complete the requirements of the full course.


The chakras are thought to vitalise the physical body and to be associated with interactions of a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nature. They are considered a loci of life energy or prana, which is thought to flow among them along pathways called nadis. Positive changes to the health and function of the body and mind are brought about by improving this flow of prana.

This course will cover theoretical and practical teachings related to this yogic energy system. You will learn yogic techniques to powerfully affect physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies to help your students improve their overall energetic health.

What you will learn

  • The chakra energy system & the seven main chakra centres
  • The Nadis of the body & how they can be activated
  • How Kundalini activates the chakras
  • Laws of the three Gunas and how they play in our daily cycles
  • Five sheaths of the Koshas & their relation to the chakras
  • The forms of fire of the Seven Agnis & their development of the Koshas
  • Working with the five functional divisions of Prana
  • Tools for meditation including Mantras, Mala, Ishta Devata and Yantras
  • Yogic Meditation techniques such as Antar Mouna, Ajapa Japa, Trataka, Prana Vidya & Moving Meditation
  • How to teach these techniques to your students


Yoga Nidra is such effective technique, not only for physical or mental relaxation but also for preparing the mind for the higher yogic disciplines. Yoga Nidra literally means Yogic Sleep, and it is a state of conscious deep sleep, a dynamic sleep that takes place between the awakened state and the sleep state.

Yoga Nidra is now an evidence-based practice. The practice has proven benefits for people undergoing PTSD, depression, insomnia, hostility, psychosomatic diseases, chronic pain, anxiety, stress-related disorders and chemical dependency as well as for the establishment of joy, resilience and a sense of well-being in daily life.

What you will learn

  • How to teach students to consciously explore the waking state, the dreaming state, the sleeping state and how to experience all three collectively
  • Understand and teach brain wave patterning and common states of mind related to such patterns
  • How to impart evidenced based research into yoga nidra
  • Understand and teach how yoga nidra cam assist in mental health disorders
  • How to teach the practice of yoga nidra
  • Body-mind integration understanding
  • How to achieve better concentration through yoga nidra
  • How to change mental habits and achieve greatest potential
  • Learn how to restructure experiences and revaluate situations with students
  • Exploring the effective use of intentions, or sankalpas
  • Understand Yoga philosophy and the mind in relation to current mental health framework
  • Learn yoga therapy and meditation tools for delivering yoga teachings and philosophy to groups and individual in both clinical and private setting
  • Meditation techniques as taught by Yogi Bhajan tailored to specific applications
  • Meditations to reduce stress and anxiety, reduce depressive tendencies and addictions
  • Meditations to open the heart and lead a more heart centred life
  • Meditations to increase vitality and improve health conditions
  • Delve into the subconscious mind and cleanse the mind
  • Employ the use of breath, mantra, mudra, bhandha to focus and still the mind.
  • Understand the yogic framework for health and disease
  • Understand yoga and the mind, psychology and mental health and the teachings and philosophy that lead to personal transformation.
  • Pranayama techniques to bring the mind to stillness; breath retention and the vital use of body’s bandhas to assist in pranayama
  • Understanding Drishti to focus the mind for meditation, Dharana or concentration including benefits and applications of the eye focus including the Third Eye, Lotus Point, Moon Centre and more.
  • Understanding Mudra to experience the qualities of different hand positions. Gyan, Buddhi, Shuni and Ravi mudras as well as Venus Lock and their relationship to mastering the elements
  • Experiencing subtle body and teachings others to do the same.
  • Ethical principles and scope of practice of the meditation teacher

Your Teachers

Swami Muktibodhananda

This Meditation Teacher Training course consists of two x 2 day workshops including Yoga Nidra and Chakra & Pranic Healing & Yogic Meditation.

  • Yoga Nidra is scheduled for Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd February 2020 at Zama Yoga Toowong
  • Chakra, Prana & Yogic Meditation is scheduled for Sunday 23rd & Monday 24th February 2020 at Zama Yoga Toowong

Prerequisites & Course Registration

There are no prerequisites for this course. Any one can take this course.

Upon completion you will be a certified Meditation Teacher able to obtain insurance to teach Meditation worldwide.

This course is fully registered with Meditation Australia. It is not a requirement to join Meditation Australia to become an insured, certified Meditation Teacher.

This course attracts CPD points with Yoga Australia and other governing bodies.

In addition to the workshops, there are non-contact hour requirements to complete the course.

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