20hr HLL02 BioMedical Yoga Therapy for Gut-Brain Health

Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness





12 Jun 2021

13 Jun 2021


9.30am - 4.45pm


$448 In-person, $298 online

One Time Upfront Payment


Celia Roberts

Delivered online anytime and face to face or live streamed. Live streamed attendance is offered at the same cost as face to face.

This fulfilling course is offered to all those who are seeking to understand more about digestive gut health. Aimed to bring awareness of the link between mental health and gut health via the gut-brain connection, this 2 day training is designed for health professionals and yoga teachers alike and shall harness and yoke together a new knowledge and skill set in assisting others. This immersive training provided to you by a variety of teachers will give you a deep understanding of yoga therapy tools and meditation techniques to enhance your awareness and ability to facilitate an evidence-informed professional practice.

Together, we shall not only be exploring the gut-brain axis in depth, we shall also be delving into the fascinating nature of the body’s microbiome and it’s importance to a healthy lifestyle. This weekend aims to bring together the paradigms of Ayurvedic wisdom, neuroscience, evidence-informed benefits and practices of eating for complete mind-body nourishment, as well as the power of Kundalini Yoga for complete digestive well-being.

We would love for you to join Celia Roberts, Dr Alicia Carter, and Samantha-Lindsay German in guiding you toward understanding and applying state-of-the-art science and traditional wisdom to practices that assist the self and other in releasing and overcoming what is now becoming a prevalent societal issue – gut health.

Should you wish to complete a full  yoga certification (150 hours – 650 hours) please see details available here.

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