50hr CPD10 Compassion Focussed Yoga Therapy and Meditation Teacher Training with Dr James Kirby A Continuing Professional Development Specialty Intensive

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Post-Grad Training Courses

Post-Grad Training Courses



04 Dec 2020

07 Dec 2020


8.30am - 5.00pm


$1249 face to face,$999 online

Payment plans available and include training via, online portal, manuals, audios, assessment



Delivered online anytime and face to face or live streamed. Live streamed attendance is offered at the same cost as face to face.

"So from the very first hours of our lives right through to our last moments, kindness, gentleness, warmth and compassion are the things that can sustain us and help us bear the setbacks, tragedies and suffering that life will rain on us." (Paul Gilbert, PhD)

The last decade has seen considerable research showing that cultivating compassion has a major impact on emotional states, social relationships and even physical processes.

This 4-day workshop represents a unique opportunity for yoga teachers and mental health professionals to gain a strong foundation in CFT for yoga teachers and therapists alike.

Compassion Focused Therapy and Meditation has significant effects on the physiological responses of the bodily processes, including heart rate variability and vagal tone. It is a wonderful (and ancient) antidote to managing anger, trauma, PTSD, anxiety and depression.

In this course, we will use ancient meditation techniques combined with yoga postures to learn how to effect positive and compassionate change in brain and body. Buddhist and yogic masters have long taught how the simple mental mastery of the breath can change us for the better, both physiologically and mentally. They combine compassion meditation for structural reintegration in both brain and body. Buddhist and Yogis have long used these simple breath, flow and compassion practices to change lives.

Buddhist masters encourage us to literally “take the medicine”, which is the breath and the love contained within our hearts. Whilst these practices seem essentially easy at first glance, they can take a lifetime to master and cultivate in both the brain and body.

We encourage our Yoga teachers and therapists alike to gain these skills for themselves and basic compassion focussed counselling skills to assist others. Compassion focussed therapy does not fatigue the brain, unlike empathy in the therapeutic relationship may do. Empathy in the brain mimics the pain response. To provide mindful and compassionate care for ourselves and others as the therapist, we must learn these present -moment- awareness compassionate skills.

This intensive workshop enables participants to bring an evolutionary framework to the conceptualisation of mental health problems and their alleviation.

Participants complete the workshop with an understanding of compassion as flow: compassion to others, being open to compassion from others, and compassion towards oneself. The course is designed to encourage the use of practices that stimulate compassionate mental states and those that build a sense of the compassionate self-identity.

What You Will Learn

- Understanding the philosophy behind practice principles including how the human ability to have objective self-awareness and self-monitor can be a source of shame, anxiety and depression; how the three-affect regulation system (threat awareness & coping, reward & resource seeking, and contentment & soothing) forms complex patterns within the mind; as well as how early life experiences can shape the organisation of our emotions and underpin mental health difficulties.
- Understanding the physiology behind practice including yoga postures, pranayama and yoga therapy interventions for cultivating compassionate mental and bodily change.
- Understanding the psychology behind practice including the two basic psychologies of compassion (engagement and action); The various competencies that support them such as distress tolerance empathy and cultivating compassionate intention for self and others; How these competencies are used to address mental health difficulties particularly shame and self-criticism and to recognise and explore ways of dealing with our fears, blocks and resistances to compassion.
- Understanding from a complete immersive experience the foundations, applications, and teaching methodologies of the use how CFT and how it may be applied to clients with different problems in which there is a non-affiliative relationship with self and/or others (e.g. eating disorders, personality disorders, anxiety, depression, shame, psychosis etc); as well as understanding the use of compassionate and Therapeutic Yogic Touch for trauma, PTSD and the general population, and how to apply CFT to yoga classes and one on one therapy for the Yoga Therapist.

This course is registered with both Yoga Australia and Meditation Australia and gains 50 hours of continued professional development when purchased through this page – should you wish to complete a full  meditation certification (110 hours – 660 hours) or yoga certification (150 hours – 650 hours) please view this Specialty Intensive Training as an elective within our full course offerings.  Details available here.

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