50hr CPD15 Kundalini Yoga for Spiritual Development

Kundalini, Meditation

Post-Grad Training Courses

Post-Grad Training Courses



15 Jul 2022

09 Dec 2022


8.30am - 5.00pm


$1588 In-person, $1208 online

Payment plans available and include training via videos, online portal, manuals, audios, assessment


Celia Roberts

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Carl Jung, author of The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga

Historical records indicate that Kundalini was a science of energy and spiritual philosophy originating from the Upanishads. The Vedic origins pre-date the physical practice we know today.

Over the millennia, the body science of Kundalini Yoga was developed as a physical expression of the Upanishad visions.

From its origin, Kundalini Yoga was historically transferred between teacher and student privately. It was considered a higher education, whereby students were required to partake in several years of training or initiation before they were prepared to learn the energetic, philosophical and spirit-body lessons of the Kundalini masters. Of the many yogas that have developed over the past 5,000 years, Kundalini was considered the most sacred.

The ‘philosophical purpose of Kundalini is to awaken your Higher Self. Each individual, it is believed, is an energy center for Brahman (God-like creative consciousness). By using the scientific methods developed by Kundalini masters over thousands of years, we are able to disconnect from the worldly Ego and connect directly with Universal Brahman’. – James McCrae

July 15, 2022: The Cycles of Life. (Half day)
August 5, 2022: The journey of the Soul.
September 9, 2022: The Five Stages on the path of Wisdom
October 7, 2022: Death and Dying
November 11, 2022: The Sacred Secrets of Success
December 9, 2022: Awakening to a 5 Dimensional Existence.

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