50HR CPD19 A Kundalini Yoga Approach to Cultivating the Therapeutic Space with Siri Bhagvati

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy



21 Jul 2023

24 Jul 2023


9.00am - 5.00pm


$1588 In-person, $1208 online

Payment plans available and include training via videos, online portal, manuals, audios, assessment



This intensive training will be an explorative process for participants to experience and learn the multi-faceted approach of Kundalini Yoga Therapy. We will look at why we use movement, from the subtle to the manifest and embodied, and how we apply this to various health conditions. There will be space created for self reflection and group work to cultivate presence, through Svadhyaya, so that we can skillfully share yoga therapeutically in a safe and inclusive manner.

This course will focus on many vital concepts of meditation and kriya. We will start with focusing on techniques of relaxation and improving interoception. Interoception is our ability to sense our body’s internal state, and our capability to do so is highly correlated with both physical and psychological health (Quadt et al., 2018). The importance of pranayama or breathing will also be emphasised, which depending on the style can increase cognitive performance, auditory working memory, vagus nerve dominance in the autonomic nervous system (Noorjahan Begum et al., 2018; Sharma et al., 2014). Additionally, Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal theory will be explored, theorising the connection between our autonomic nervous system activity and social behaviours (Porges, 2007).

We are incredibly excited to explore these concepts and more with Siri Bhagvati who is normally based in Melbourne, Australia, and hope you join us for this rewarding experience and these informative teachings.

What You Will Learn

- Entering the Therapeutic Space: In order to best serve others we must develop our own capacity to listen deeply and be enthroned in the neutral mind. The first day will be about cultivating connection through interoception, svadhyaya and relaxation.
- The Physiology of Movement from a Yogic Perspective: Explore the pathways through which prana flows and how we can restore and move prana through rhythmic movement synchronised with the breath.
- Approaches to Disharmony: We will look at the dynamic state of disharmony through the lense of the Polyvagal Theory and the Meridians and Kundalini Yoga approaches to bring about regulation.
- The Integrating Space: Growth and transformation comes through creating space for all parts of Self. Through sound, mantra and meditation we will study and reflect on the healing space we can create for ourselves.

This course is registered with both Yoga Australia and Meditation Australia and gains 50 hours of continued professional development when purchased through this page – should you wish to complete a full  meditation certification (110 hours – 660 hours) or yoga certification (150 hours – 650 hours) please view this Specialty Intensive Training as an elective within our full course offerings.  Details available here.

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