Alexander Technique and Yoga Workshop

Hatha Yoga. Smart Ypga, Alexander Yoga

Short Workshops - 1 day or less

Short Workshops - 1 day or less



29 Jan 2023

29 Jan 2023


11.00an - 4.30pm


$120 or $99 concession

Includes tuitio


David Moore

The Alexander Technique helps you to discover how your movement habits affect your life, and helps you to develop better movement and posture. When we bring these two disciplines together, we can find ways to move through all activities of everyday life with greater ease.

Led by the director of the School for FM Alexander Studies and Melbourne Yoga Centre, David Moore, this workshop will explore how the basic principles of the Alexander Technique can be applied to eliminate excess tension in the body, maximising the benefits of your yoga practice. In Alexander Yoga, emphasis is placed on identifying habitual movement patterns that inhibit easy movement, and learning to move in a ways that bring your whole body into better coordination. By the end of this afternoon workshop, you will have an understanding of how Alexander Technique can be applied to increase ease and minimise strain in yoga practice, making it possible to develop greater ease in the whole body as you continue to move through your everyday activities.

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