Applying Neuroscience in Yoga Teaching - Bali Module

Applicable to all styles of Yoga and Yoga Therapy

Post-Grad Training Courses

Post-Grad Training Courses



01 Nov 2020

07 Nov 2020


7.30 am - 6.30 pm



Includes 7 nights single room accommodation, breakfast, transport, wellness, in Bali


Vijoleta Braach-Maksvytis

Applying Neuroscience to Yoga teaching - why is this important?

Your students' safety goes beyond the physical level, and includes the mental and spiritual levels. Understanding how the mind-body connection occurs as revealed by recent science research discoveries, creates a new tool for Yoga teachers and therapists.

This postgraduate Module presents a new innovative platform combining new science knowledge with ancient Yoga texts to help you build a profound level of safety and support for your students so that they can thrive and grow in their own paths. The introduction of the particular world-view that the Balinese have and their way of living their Yoga will also be incorporated.

It is an experiential Module where you will explore, interpret and apply the daily learning to all aspects of a common Yoga class  - asanas, pranayama, meditation, as well as how your personal energy, voice, and view-point impacts what your students learn.

The Module is presented by former distinguished scientist Vijoleta, a Senior Yoga teacher, Therapist, Trainer, and Clinical Neuropsychtherapist, who can translate the complexities of scientific jargon into practical application in your classes. I Ketut Sukra, Vijoleta's partner in Yoga training for a decade now, adds the Balinese insights through his shared personal practise.

Who is it for? Experienced Yoga teachers and Yoga Therapists. If you are feeling that there is deeper level in your teaching which eludes you yet you feel that you are instinctively beginning to access that layer, you might be ready for this Module.

Limited to 10 participants.

This Module will transform your teaching. It will also transform and ignite your own growth, with new tools that you can develop in ways appropriate for your dharma.

We look forward to opening and sharing new paths together.

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