Ayurveda Goddess Limited Edition LIVE Round (With Bonuses)


Short Courses - 1 week or more

Short Courses - 1 week or more



09 May 2022

12 Jun 2022


9:30 am - 4:30 pm



We Have 2 Options - (A) 6 Months Payment Plan Option: Total value = $2599 and you pay only $1500 over six payments, saving $1099 - (B) Full Payment Option: Total value = $2599 and you pay only $1250, saving $1349.


Katie Rose

This is an exclusive offering with only 20 places available to ensure that each participant gets plenty of personal support from Katie Rose.  We start on May 9th and here is what your enrolment will include: 

- Full access to the Ayurveda Goddess online training. Join over 300 women who have already said YES to wellness and vibrant health on all levels. VALUE: $1250

- 5 x live small group zoom sessions over five weeks with Katie Rose starting on 9th May VALUE: $540 

- Daily distance healing specific to your needs for the duration of the course VALUE: $560

- Access to Bhakti Women Summit recordings from 2022 (20+ incredible presenters) to inspire your personal and professional practice VALUE: $249

- We Have 2 Options - (A) 6 Months Payment Plan Option: Total value = $2599 and you pay only $1500 over six payments, saving $1099 - (B) Full Payment Option: Total value = $2599 and you pay only $1250, saving $1349.

There are only 20 places to allow for plenty of one-to-one support.  A payment plan is available. Be quick, this offer will sell out. 

- ENROLL NOW: https://www.bhaktirose.com.au/ayurvedagoddesslive

Over our five weeks together we will:

- Improve your diet, digestion, and weight management in a gentle, nourishing, and sustainable way

- Balance your hormones and menstrual cycle/fertility/menopause health

- Meet live in a circle (we use the virtual platform ZOOM) with other women sharing insights and healing practices together - recordings are available if you miss a session

- Practice meditation, yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), pranayama (breathing exercises), and chanting

- Learn how to best support your unique constitutional type

- Experience essential oils, spices, and herbal remedies for your unique conditions and constitution

- Practice ancient ayurvedic rituals such as techniques for beauty, self-care, and creating sacred space

- Understand how your yoga practice and yoga teaching style impact the constitutional types, for yoga teachers, this could add a new income stream to your offerings

- Work with the gunas (modes of nature) to create more wholesome physical and emotional states of being

- Learn about the unique Australian seasons through the lens of Ayurveda, as well as Aboriginal approaches to health and wellness

- Support a healthy and happy home environment or family using ayurvedic principles and rhythms

- ENROLL NOW: https://www.bhaktirose.com.au/ayurvedagoddesslive

DURING OUR LIVE SESSIONS WE WILL GO OVER THESE TOPICS AND ADDRESS YOUR PERSONAL QUESTIONS AND HEALTH CONCERNS. Katie will keep you accountable and help you access the most practical and actionable strategies for your wellness and work in the world. 

Here's a quick peek into the types of people who are taking this training:

- Yoga teachers wanting to expand their skillset and develop a point of difference. Yoga teachers with niche skills are needed more now than ever before.

- Women struggling with health issues such as digestive problems, hormonal problems, or stress and anxiety.

- Mothers, with children of all ages, finding they need support tools for themselves and their families.

- Women who know they are giving out too much energy (and in danger of burnout) but don't know how to get back into balance.

- Wellness industry practitioners such as doulas, massage therapists, beauty therapists, and coaches.

- ENROLL NOW: https://www.bhaktirose.com.au/ayurvedagoddesslive

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