BALANCING EARTH Late Summer Yin & Sound workshop

Yin Yoga, sound healing

Short Workshops - 1 day or less

Short Workshops - 1 day or less



02 Feb 2020

02 Feb 2020


5pm - 7pm



Yin Yoga and Sound Healing workshop


Barbara Courtille

Yin yoga is informed by the Dao tradition deeply steeped in our connection to Mother Earth. Late Summer belongs to the  Earth element creating stability, steadfastness, and a sense of home. Earth corresponds to self-worth, bonding and formation of trust in relationships. 

Earth is represented by the organs of the Stomach where food is prepared for absorption, and Spleen which helps absorb nutrients, feeding muscle and blood. Balancing Earth energy helps us to complete projects with enthusiasm, and brings contentment with the space to love, relax, and nourish self, family and friends.

In this workshop you will be guided to nurture yourself physically and emotionally, to find your grounding and to balance your nervous system. The intention is to uncover your sense of belonging, grounding and connection. Allow yourself to release worry whilst enjoying a healing sound bath to take you into deep relaxation. 

Enjoy an afternoon of diving deep into the fascia tissues, releasing toxins, finding your centre, slowing down and relaxing the nervous system.

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