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02 Dec 2021

06 Dec 2021


3:00PM - 11:00 AM



This is an all inclusive retreat and initiation into Vedic Mantra Meditation Course


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This is a spiritual holiday, a retreat for those seeking to cultivate a spiritual lifestyle, be part of a community. An unique opportunity to learn Vedic, (Shakti Mantra) Meditation, a place and a time to rest, reset and nourish your soul .

Why we need a Spiritual holiday ?

Spirituality is the freedom to express our spirit freely !

Our typical day-to-day lifestyle leaves us physically & mentally depleted, exhausted and spiritually bereft.

To live in this world, to enjoy life, to find happiness and fulfilment we need to find balance and a way to take care of all aspects of ourselves; mind, body & soul. Whilst we look after the needs of our bodies and our minds we give very little acknowledgement to that of our soul and spirit.

A spiritual life, is lived from a completely different perspective & from the point of view that the soul is eternal whilst our life here on earth, in this body is limited. When we shift our focus and begin to see ourselves as spiritual beings, we understand the need and significance for cultivating our spiritual life. We see that when the soul in nourished our lives are enriched with spirit, vitality, clarity, creativity & purpose, from here we can begin to live intentionally.

Daily Schedule (guide only)

7 - 8:30 AM : Rounding (Yoga & Meditation Practice)

9 AM : Breakfast

11AM - 1PM : Meditation Workshop/Activity including Morning Tea

1PM : Lunch

2 - 5PM : Rest & Reflection including Afternoon tea

5 - 6:30 PM : Rounding (Yoga & Meditation Practice)

7PM : Dinner

8:30 - 10PM : Satsang (Gathering)

10PM : Bedtime


  • Shared Accommodation in a tranquil rainforest retreat centre in the Yarra Valley (90 minutes from Melbourne) - most of the bedding is in king singles in shared rooms.

  • Vedic Shakti Mantra Meditation Course including Mantra Initiation is a 4 -part course delivered over the duration of 4 days in daily, 2-hour sessions and will cover both the knowledge & the training of Vedic Shakti Mantra Meditation practice.

  • Rounding (Yoga & Meditation Practice) – a minimum of 2 x daily ‘rounding’ Rounding is a well-balanced, powerful practice that is part of the Vedic tradition & usually done on retreat. Rounding practice includes gentle movement (yoga asana), pranayama (breathwork), kriya’ (subtle energy body activation), mantra meditation followed by deep relaxation  for purification and integration of the whole experience. Rounding is suitable for all abilities when done under the supervision of the teacher.

  • Ayurvedic Sattvic (Vegetarian) Meals – 3 x fully catered meals each day, plus tea & fresh fruit by an Ayurvedic Chef. This diet is designed for optimal digestion and purification ideal for when practicing meditation.

  • Satsang & Kirtan Bhajan (gatherings) daily, Q & A Knowledge sessions with chanting and Kirtan around the campfire on our final night with a special visiting guest musician

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Practices and Cooking Demo (depends on time availability) nutritional advice, abhyanga, oil pulling, tongue scraping etc.

  • Ayurvedic Relaxation Massage - a full- body, relaxation massage by a visiting Ayurvedic therapist is included in the price

About Vedic (Shakti Mantra) Meditation

Vedic (Shakti Mantra) Meditation is a simple, effortless technique that stems from the 5000-year-old body of wisdom known as the Veda from where Ayurveda, Yoga & meditation originate. A personal mantra in the form of a sound vibration is used that allows the mind to settle down to quieter and more subtle states. This settling of the mind triggers profound levels of rest in the body allowing stress to be released and the mind and body to heal.

Practicing Vedic Meditation is easy. There's no concentrating, no focusing or trying to stop thoughts. Vedic Meditation is for everyday people who need a technique to reboot, to de-stress and get the most out of life.

Vedic Meditation is a Game Changer !

This meditation technique will be offered in a traditional format which has been passed down orally from teacher to pupil  and comes from one of the oldest living lineages of yoga which is about 5000 years old. The course will run over 4 – separate sessions Initiation will take place in a sacred puja; a traditional ceremony during which you will receive your personal Mantra for meditation and be shown how to meditate. This is truly a gift that lasts a lifetime.

The cost of this Meditation Course is included in the total retreat cost at a discounted rate.

About The Amarant Retreat

Amarant is an architectural treasure perched on Mt Ben Cairn, amidst 25 acres of pristine rainforest in the heart of the Yarra Valley. Built to feel like a treehouse, it takes advantage of the panoramic views down the valley while being at one with nature. Relax in comfort and privacy with generous facilities for up to 12 guests or workshop participants. Enjoy our secluded forest with many walking paths, gardens, abundant wildlife, picnic areas and our beautiful spring, or venture out into the Yarra Valley for all it has to offer.

This is a spiritual retreat for women seeking all things that heals the heart & soul, including time for rest, reflection & rejuvenation !

Further Details & Costs

The full cost of this all-inclusive retreat is $1,900

Information about what to bring and other details will be provided on request to participants attending. A deposit payment of $500 is required to hold your spot with full payment required by 30 November 2021.

Please contact me in person for a brief phone consultation if you are keen to join in this Retreat by emailing me to arrange a time  : [email protected] or call  0418 527984

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