Calm your emotions and mind - online Module with Yoga Therapist


Short Workshops - 1 day or less

Short Workshops - 1 day or less



27 May 2020

24 Jun 2020


730pm - 815pm



Includes access to online Module and F2F support


Caroline Giles

A once-off 'Covid19' package to support you now with skills at home.

Now more than ever we need to be kind to ourselves, and particularly to our thinking and mind. 

It is widely accepted that the brain is affected by the quality of your thinking.

Scientific research shows that thoughts are enough to change your emotions and your experience of resistance, discomfort, pain in the body.

However you can influence your behaviour and thinking in a positive direction.

Gain lifelong access to practical online learning resources:

 - 4 x 45 minute online group consult/support sessions live with me, Wednesdays from 27 May.

 - online interactive Module of evidence informed practices.

 - video practices, audio recordings, handouts and guidance.

What you will learn – practices to

 - understand your emotions and how you are feeling, building your capacity to observe without reacting.

 - turn good experiences into lasting inner ‘states’, to replace unhelpful thinking.

 - create steadiness in your body so that you find inner steadiness.

 - place your attention where you want change to occur.

 - use everyday events to think and feel more impartially, act more wisely.

The techniques include:

 - practical exercises to develop positive brain ‘states’.

 - sequences of imagery and mudra (hand positions) to settle your emotions.

 - adaptations of classical meditation practices to incorporate into your day.

 - breathing and visualisation techniques for calm.

 - practical philosophy and metaphor to shift habitual thinking.

I see several clients who I know will benefit greatly from Caroline’s comprehensive Modules. They are cleverly constructed, drawing on a range of evidence based approaches. The ease of having online access and the flexibility of selecting particular Modules, suits the needs of these patients perfectly. Jill, Clinical Psychologist

Total Value=$550 (Module=$250; 4 x 45 min sessions=$300)

To find out more and access this package, follow the website link.

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