Chair Yoga 4 week course

Chair Yoga

Short Courses - 1 week or more

Short Courses - 1 week or more



09 May 2019

30 May 2019


9.15 - 10.15



4 week course


Sue Kirkpatrick-Laird

Commences Thursday 9th May 2019

9.15 am to 10.15 am

4 week course

A therapeutic yoga practice taught sitting in a chair to help calm the mind, move more easefully and feel good.

Sessions are gentle and light-hearted in nature. Each session will include:

  • slow, mindful, gentle movement
  • breath awareness
  • harmonising chant
  • meditation to steady the mind
  • time for reflection
  • fun
  • your choice to also practice the movements and postures whilst standing

Sue has been teaching chair yoga to a diverse group of individuals for many years and her students have commented on the following benefits from attending regular chair yoga classes:

  • feel good
  • feel calm
  • better breathing and posture
  • improved balance and steadiness
  • greater strength and range of movement
  • able to get out of a chair more easily and walking feels more easeful
  • improved co-ordination
  • feel more relaxed
  • feel more confident
  • peace of mind
  • greater awareness of their body
  • ability to focus and concentrate better
  • overall heightened sense of well-being
  • chair yoga has given me a community to connect with and increased the quality of my life
  • given me back my confidence

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