Chakra Shuddhi





24 Sep 2021

01 Oct 2021


4pm - 2pm



Depending on accommodation choice


Kristina Nickalson

Gangadhara will be leading an extensive and deepening sadhana retreat, exploring the psychic centres known as the chakras. This sadhana is called Chakra Shuddhi, an ancient tantric technique developed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. It aims to purify the chakras and develop deep meditation.

About Chakra Shuddhi

The chakras have become widely known throughout the world, however, this specific tantric system of kundalini yoga draws on the knowledge and experience of enlightened seers and goes far beyond the modern and overly simplistic psychological interpretations of the chakras.

The chakras hold the core energy and consciousness of our individual being and each chakra draws on unique symbology, anatomy and psychic characteristics that we will explore in the psychic field (during deeper states of meditation). We'll then apply the purifiying techniques of Chakra Shuddhi to enhance, balance and awaken this inner field of vision, symbol and sound.

By focusing our attention in the more subtle psychic dimension, we begin to develop one-pointed concentration known as dharana. As the system unfolds we often merge into the state of spontaneous meditation, dhyana. Therefore, the chakras themselves also serve as focal points for deeper concentration and meditation.

We will also explore the entire tantric theory of creation: from the purest level of consciousness through to our 'embodied being' brought about by the play of universal energy and consciousness.
Retreat details

Duration: The Chakra Shuddhi program requires 7 days minimum to move through the whole sadhana and develop the complete practice systematically. A level of respect and commitment is integral, as this teaching is deemed a great gift to humanity and worthy of sustained effort. A longer retreat also allows time for our awareness to unfold, to become more sensitive as the mind settles and the subtle energy expands.

Your teachers: Gangadhara will be joined by Sangita and Karunamitra (both much loved teachers) to support the Chakra Shuddhi program with early morning yoga class, chakra nidra, kirtan, bhajan and nature walks.

Venue: We're delighted to be returning to Atmadarshan (in the beautiful Meander Valley) for this program and have chosen to reserve this location for these deepening sadhana retreats, as the purity, support and beauty of the community and natural environment are simply unmatched! 

Level of experience: It is recommended that attendees have at least 5 years experience of regular personal sadhana.

Booking information

Spaces are limited and we recommend booking as soon as possible.
Click here to book.

Any queries about the retreat, contact Karunamitra: [email protected]
Please note: The retreat begins in the spring holidays and flights can be more costly at this time. At the time of writing, flights are currently sitting under $250 return. It is important that you make contact with Karunamitra before booking flights.

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