Cosmic Five Element online course

Seasonal yoga, Yin Yoga,

Short Courses - 1 week or more

Short Courses - 1 week or more



01 Aug 2021

01 Aug 2023


Self paced - Online



Includes all leactures and handout material plus ongoing support.


Yolande Hyde

Explore the classic 5 Element theory in 3 deep and meaningful parts.

– The physcal body | The channels, Elemental energies and Seasons as they occur in the seen world.
– The Emotional Body | The psychology of the Five Elements as they relate to the personal evolutionary processes in ourselves and in others. These are the less tangible aspects of the theory.
– The Cosmic Field | The Spirits of the Elements as a link to the Divine, the cosmology and planetary associations and the more far reaching energetics of the Elements including the Bagua and the I Ching.

  • Six lectures with over 9 hours of video content 
  • Two lectures are delivered each week over three weeks. 
  • Comprehensive handouts and reference sheets accompany each lecture.

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