Deep relaxation with Yoga Nidra & Restorative Yoga - 5 days retreat

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04 Feb 2020

09 Feb 2020


5pm - 6pm


Retreat packages from $400 to

Choose between 3 different packages: Workshops only $400 | Retreat incl. accommodation in twin share room $550 | Retreat incl. accommodation in private room $650


Coordinator Yoga Education Kawai Purapura: [email protected]

Experience deep relaxation and calmness with Yoga Nidra, basic breathing methods and restorative yoga postures. Enjoy a 5 days retreat with Swami Karma Karuna from Anahata Yoga Retreat and Sannyasi Pragyadhara.

This 5 days immersion can be booked as a personal retreat or for professional development (YACEP registered); choose from the schedule according to your needs and interest. The 5 days block forms part of our 150 hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. The schedule is well balanced with practical classes which focus on deep relaxation and theory sessions.

The retreat start on Tuesday 4 February at 5pm with an orientation tour around Kawai Purapura. Join us for the welcome dinner at Prema Resident Cafe and for the Havan opening ceremony in the evening. Classes run from 6:30am to 9:30pm on Thursday to Saturday. We finish on Sunday 9 February at 6:15pm. Surrounded by native bush Kawai Purapura Yoga Retreat Centre will make it easy to unwind and relax. Go for a walk, treat yourself at Prema Resident Cafe or enjoy the spa and sauna facilities in-between the sessions.

Yoga Nidra is a state of being in which the mind lets go of the external world and turns inward to reflect upon itself.  It is a state of deep peace, clarity and acceptance. A simple series of restorative postures performed in such a way as to liberate and promote the free flow of gross and subtle movement. Working actively with this principle of movement activates the inherent healing and regenerative power. Basic breathing methods encourage optimal breathing patterns and correct poor breathing habits that may either depress or agitate the nervous system, mind and emotions. 

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