Enhancing Chakras, Workshop series of 4: Live Sunday 9-12 Part 2 Oct 17. Part 1 via Recording available to start now.

Yoga Nidra Prana Nidra

Short Workshops - 1 day or less

Short Workshops - 1 day or less



17 Oct 2021

20 Feb 2022


9am - 12 noon


$58/ $38 concession

Chakra Workshop series of 4 live or recorded with Yoga Nidra and Prana Nidra by Myself (Physio and Yoga therapist) and international experts Swāmi Muktibodhānanda and Swami Karma Karuna


Rebecca Fagan

Chakra Workshop Series 
Live Online or recorded to do in your own time

Part 1 Enhancing Chakras.
Recording available. 

Part 2 Mooladhara (Base) and Ajna (eyebrow level). 
Oct 17th 

Part 3 Swadhisthana (sacral) and Vishhuddhi (throat) 
Dec 12th

Part 4 Anahata (heart) and Manipura (navel)
Feb 20th

3 hours on Sundays 9-12 (AEST) GMT+10hours

Chakras and their relationship with anatomy and science of our nerves and hormones.

Explore the symbology of  chakras through Yoga Nidra practice.

Learn how paired chakras work together and activate and balance your chakras with practices such as prana nidra.

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