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09 Feb 2023

02 Mar 2023


7.45pm - 8.30pm



$50 covers class and recording. Access to recording for 3 months


Katie Brown


Discover the art of Face Yoga and Face Massage in this 4-week online yoga course with Katie Brown.

It makes sense that we should exercise our 43 facial muscles – after all we regularly exercise the other muscles in our body.

Benefits of regularly toning and strengthening these facial muscles include:

-help to define and sculpt our face, neck and jaw,

-increase blood circulation,

-aid lymphatic drainage and improve muscle tone…

-reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

-Reduce facial tension (particularly tension headaches and TMJ issues)

-encourage nasal breathing

-have a bit of a laugh

-Get your glow on!!

Each 45-minute will be held live and online via Zoom. Each class will focus on a different part of the face, head and neck.  There will be face yoga, face massage, breathing, health advice and information and relaxation practice. Classes will also be recorded and you will have three months access to the classes.

Katie is a Senior Yoga teacher with Yoga Australia, has a Face Yoga Diploma, is a qualified massage therapist, Certified Infant Massage Educator and author. Katie has been practicing Face Yoga ever since her mum taught her the routines as a child. She is now 52 years old 😊

To find out more DM Katie or call 0415 503 119 or email: [email protected] or book on via the website (see live classes).

You can purchase the Face Yoga Intro class for just $15 or become a member of Katie Brown Yoga for access to the full library of classes. 

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