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Yoga Online



23 Apr 2021

23 Apr 2021


8:00 pm (AEST) - 9:30 pm (AEST)





Jules Watson

Bring your questions and concerns to our Meditation Teachers.  Find out what to do when your meditation isn’t what you think it should be.  Learn the significance of your experiences, even of your difficulties.  Find out what other people are experiencing and learn from their questions as well.  Enrollment is limited so the teacher can help everyone individually. 

After answering your questions and helping you with your meditation problems, we’ll meditate together.  This is your chance to use the information you’ve gathered, applying it to your meditation with the group. 

Offered online, you connect on your phone, tablet or computer, using Zoom video-conferencing.  We can see and work with you almost like we’re all in the same room!  It’s easy to use and you’ll be pleased at how meaningful the connection and support is.  You get your connection codes by email when you enroll. 


Hosts: Jules Watson  [email protected]   Ph 61 0410392844
ASYA, Australian Svaroopa Yoga Association inc Geocenter
ASYA website:

The Ashram is grateful for this sponsorship and support of our programs and teachings.

Taught By: Swami Shrutananda

Prerequisites:  None

Confirmation Date: April 19 2021

Time: 8:00- 9:30 pm (AEST)

          6:00-7:30 am (Eastern Time US and Canada)

Location: ONLINE

We will email the confirmation to you, including a link to use on your phone or computer, so you can connect in for the class on Zoom.

Tuition:  FREE

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