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Dru Yoga and Meditation

Post-Grad Training Courses

Post-Grad Training Courses



11 Jun 2022

22 Oct 2022


11am - 4pm



$190 deposit and 4 monthly instalments of $190


Ruth Gent

As an experienced yoga teacher, thank you for your effort, your practice, your contribution to the world, and to the enormous growth you have achieved in your spiritual practice. 

This special online course is for experienced yoga teachers who want to take their spiritual practise to a deeper level and have a strong commitment to adding light to the world. 

This course is by application only. You will have the opportunity to be initiated into the yogic practices that have been used since ancient times to heal the planet and add light to our global human consciousness.

Conducted with 5 live online events over 5 months with small group tutorials between.

You will learn:

  • A global movement mudra designed to connect you with the vast resources of the earth, and extend this like a spiritual antenna into the global field
  • A global meditation programme that ignites the principle of connectedness and compassion
  • The ancient mantras of light and how to activate them
  • The vedic process of puja, spiritual principles that change the world
  • How to use all of this to add spiritual potency to the 7 key areas of your personal spiritual destiny
    • Abundance, Relationships, Effectiveness, Team building, Communication, Intuitive management and Flow state
  • How to harness the Daivam Factor, the hidden forces within the sea of consciousness that empower your Inner Teacher
  • How to use the principle of Seva - active contribution to the world - to build your spiritual energy

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