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Yoga, Vedanta and Buddhist techniques

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22 Aug 2022

30 Sep 2022


5.30am - 6.00am



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Hanuman Das

Challenge Features and Benefits

This challenge is designed to introduce new meditators to the techniques, to encourage intermittent meditators and to bolster experienced meditators.

Heavily Meditated consists of 40 daily meditations beginning at 5.30am each day for forty days. We will gather together to sit, to steady the mind and to release the Soul. Each morning class will be recorded just in case you were unable to attend the session.

Heavily Meditated will include a range of meditation techniques from the ancient spiritual traditions. It will also include different forms and styles of meditation techniques that will aid the practitioner in understanding their optimal techniques for their awakening. The sessions are designed to alleviate agitation and dismiss dullness. The sessions will be powerful practices to liberate us from unhelpful, untrue, and unwise thinking.

Every moment in history has been a good time to sit and still the mind, but this may be one of the most pertinent periods of human history. Cleaning and calming the instrument of incarnation (the mind) at this time would serve the few and the many, would decrease unnecessary suffering and increase joy. Getting this mind to serve us rather than disturb us is as worthy an undertaking as is conceivable.

Heavily Meditated is designed to:

  • Clean the mind.
  • Calm the mind.
  • Clear the mind.
  • Serve the Soul.
  • Meditation unveils and releases Love.
  • Facilitates control of the Ego and senses.
  • Deepens connection with our true nature.
  • Deepens our connection with family, friends and even those we disagree with.

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