InSync Yoga & Spiritual Tour to India





07 Dec 2019

23 Dec 2019


00:00 - 23:59


Twin $4395 Single $5395

Can be paid in instalments



Discover the most beautiful and magical parts of southern India in a fun, supportive and connected way. 

The tour program is designed to boost your inner journey while giving you the experience of the wonders of India.

This is much more than a standard tour to India. It is also a powerful supportive program for self-discovery and transformation.

This group journey is perfect if you are a first-time visitor or you want to experience more of what this incredible country has to offer.

The InSync Yoga and Spiritual tour to Magical India will expand your awareness and give you profound insights into the history, traditions and philosophies of this colourful, diverse and exciting land.

“This is so much more than travel. Be prepared to lose your emotional baggage on this trip! Be prepared to be challenged. Be prepared to have moments of true clarity where the gears click into place and you come back knowing so much more about yourself than before. Kieran absolutely creates the space needed to feel like you can lose yourself safely in India, in the knowing that you’ll be found.” - Andrew Anthony

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