Introduction to Ayurveda Nutrition

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Short Courses - 1 week or more

Short Courses - 1 week or more



30 Nov 2019

29 Jan 2020


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Includes access to all Online Material


Sarah Vanis

Enrol in an 8 Lesson Course that will introduce you to Ayurveda Nutrition. An individual approach to eating for your body type that will take all the confusion away. 

  •  Benefit: Find your personal way to eating well for your body type. 
  •  Feature: Online training with never before seen material that will support you on your journey to health. 
  •  Support: Devloped by Industry Experts with links to credible sites for further study
  •  Outcomes: Less confusion and more certainty about the medicinal power of food for each individual type. 
  •  Pathways: Progress into Aligning Health Training Courses. 
  •  Financial Outlay: $95 with three months complete access to all training materials

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