Intuitive Alchemy using the Yoga Sutra

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Yoga Online



31 Jul 2022

31 Jul 2099


8:00 AM - 5 PM



$500 Single Payment OR Payment Plan of $100 monthly for six months


Katie Rose

Intuitive Alchemy using the Yoga Sutra a six-week live online exploration into ancient scripture for modern women.

In this course which starts on July 31st, over six sessions we will reflect on areas of the Yoga Sutras you’ve probably never looked at before. If you are a yoga practitioner or teacher no doubt you’ve heard of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, one of the most important of all ancient yoga texts. Perhaps you know one or two of the more famous teachings from this book. I bet what you don’t know is how profoundly powerful this work could be to your life. How it could transform your relationships, your wellness, your addictions, your dreams, and what you’re capable of manifesting. I know because over the last 20 years I’ve studied and applied this text to my own life and been utterly empowered by it time and time again. Join us as we immerse into scriptural study for the modern-day.

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