Live Your Soul Purpose Retreat





26 Aug 2022

29 Aug 2022


5.30-6.30pm - 4.00pm


Full $885, Concession $785

Includes all practices, delicious meals, beverages and fruit, your own room


Anahata Giri

Live Your Soul Purpose Retreat

with Anahata Giri

On this retreat we will clear a space from our busy lives and immerse in practices designed to help reveal and strengthen the innermost thread of your deepest life.

The soul is the inner voice, the creation song that is yours to sing, expressed in the deep longing of your heart, the essence that calls you into the world. We clear space to allow the whispers of soul to be heard, felt, seen, enacted and celebrated.

Through a transformative process, we will use practice to deepen our connection with our inner resources, the wisdom and sovereignty of the body, heart, soul, spirit and nature.

Practices include: guided meditations, nature communing, art-making, stream of consciousness writing, dance/movement, singing, poetry, ritual and mirroring of each other in a community of like-minded pilgrims on the path.

This is a facilitated process that holds reverent the inner teacher, the inner guide, the soul-wisdom of each participant. We will co-create a sacred and attuned space to illuminate the deep longing of your soul and your exquisitely unique path in this world, to help you bring your gifts to the world.

This retreat will be limited to 25 participants.

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