Living Consciously - 4 weeks + 4 weeks free Yoga & Ashram Life

Satyananda Yoga





01 Mar 2020

29 Mar 2020


14.00 - 14.00



includes standard shared accommodation, all food and yoga classes


Sw. Atmamuktananda

A unique opportunity only available at Rocklyn Yoga Ashram. 

Flexible dates:  any Sunday to Sunday available throughout the year 

Experience yoga practices that enhance the whole personality, a dynamic yogic community atmosphere, environmental practices,  and gain skills for living an ongoing life inspired by a living yogic culture. 

This 1 month retreat opportunity sustains and cultivates a positive attitude towards life.

The program incorporates twice daily group discussions, plus a full yoga program focusing on improving the quality of one's participation in the world, one's involvement in the material life and to strengthen connections with the inner and outer nature of one's being.

The Living Consciously program provides a systematic framework wherein you can develop skills in awareness, self-observation and sustaining change.

Daily subjects of discussion 

  • observe and become conscious of physical actions and sense experiences
  • become aware of your thoughts, emotions, energy and its effects on the mind
  • attitudes of positivity and negativity in daily life
  • develop an awareness of thought patterns, ongoing patterns in life, and create new patterns
  • create regularity and simplicity in life
  • explore the difference between acting and reacting to situations
  • witness and disidentify with attachment to things and attitudes
  • find self-acceptance as a step to making lasting changes
  • close the gap between the perception of your needs and the reality of what you actually do need in your life   

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