Meditation: Introductory Course

Meditation, Yoga in Daily Life,

Short Courses - 1 week or more

Short Courses - 1 week or more



07 May 2019

28 May 2019


7.45pm - 8.45pm



for the whole course



MEDITATION: Introduction 4 week Course

starts 7 May, Tuesdays 7.45 - 8.45pm  

for 4 weeks   $50   Bookings are essential 

There are many reasons why you may want to learn meditation; for peace of mind, better health, spiritual fulfilment and more. Whatever that reason is, the answers you seek come when the mind is still and quiet.

Based on level 1 of the Yoga in Daily Life Self Enquiry Meditation system in this course you will learn / experience:

 - effective support practices that will help you to relax, be comfortable and still 

 - basic meditation / concentration techniques

 - understanding of what is meditation and the function of the mind

 - stages of meditation

 - simple home practice

 - opportunity for questions 

Bookings essential.

For all the details visit our website > here OR 

email: [email protected]  phone: 9427 0977  

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