Meditation & Pranayama 12-week Online Course

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Short Courses - 1 week or more

Short Courses - 1 week or more



23 Aug 2022

29 Nov 2022


7 am - 8 am


$300 OR $370

$300 without mala, $370 with Shivoham rudraksha mala


Adele Vincent

A 12-week course in meditation and pranayama. Each week will focus on a different meditation technique and the appropriate pranayama to prepare the body and mind for meditation. Related mindfulness practices each week will help to integrate your meditation practice into daily life. Experience profound changes in your mental and physical health through the proven effects of meditation and breathwork.


  1. Thorough and broad introduction to pranayama and meditation
  2. A top-quality Shivoham rudraksha mala (to keep) for your own home practice
  3. What’s App group for support and questions 24/7 (optional)
  4. Class recordings so you never miss a class; access for 3 months after course completion
  5. Handouts about each week’s topic
  6. Mindfulness daily practice related to each week’s theme
  7. Many resources recommended for further self-directed learning


  1. One reiki/remote energy healing session during the course (no extra cost)
  2. A book of the collated handouts on course completion (extra cost)


  1. Gain deeper insight into your own mind and body
  2. Understand which types of meditation suit you and why
  3. Learn how to increase and manage your own energy/life force
  4. Learn essential self-healing techniques
  5. Calm your nervous system, reduce pain, improve digestion, stabilise emotions, deepen breathing
  6. Feel supported and accountable in your practice
  7. Find inner stillness and peace


  1. See FAQS on www.moveyogatherapy.com
  2. To book, go to Yoga From The Heart website and scroll down to Passes & Prices (see FAQs to make sure you choose the right pass for you—with or without a mala).
  3. Contact me or email [email protected] or text 0408220408

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