Mental Health Training for Yoga Teachers - Melbourne 2020 (dates TBC)

Intensives - more than 1 day

Intensives - more than 1 day



01 Jan 2020

01 Jan 2020


9:00am - 5:00pm


$825 (early bird) $895

(incl GST and booking fee)


Kirstie Christensen

Mental Health Training for Yoga Teachers

This training has been designed to assist qualified Yoga Teachers to develop their understanding, skills and confidence in the area of mental health.


The nature of the mind – from a yogic and western psychological perspective:

- Patanjali’s psychology
- the yogic model of mind
- the mind from a western psychological perspective
- the mind and emotion

What yoga offers:

- more than asana
- yoga and positive psychology
- mentally healthy yoga
- interoception and mental health

Mental Heath Awareness when teaching:

- pranayama
- asana
- meditation
- other practices

Healing relationships:

- professional boundaries
- ethics and code of conduct
- scope of practice of the yoga teacher

An introduction to common mental health conditions including:

- Depression and Mood Disorders
- Anxiety Disorders, including PTSD
- Sleep Disorders
- Eating Disorders
- Substance Use Disorders
- Brief introduction to Personality and Schizoaffective Disorders

Yogic approaches to common mental health concerns:

- considering common mental health conditions through a yogic lens
- teaching considerations for common mental health concerns
- mental health precautions and contraindications

Mental health aware yoga teaching:

- how to teach in a mental health aware manner
- responding to mental health crisis in the Yoga setting - including panic and traumatic reaction
- truly integrated yoga practice
- what to do if…

Every yoga teacher should do this amazing course, it's awesome!" - participant Sydney 2017

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