Mt Kailash TIBET 2019 'Origins of Yoga Tour'





03 Jun 2019

28 Jun 2019


9am - 10pm



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Sol Voron

Mt Kailash TIBET 2019 'Origins of Yoga Tour'

Footsteps of Yogis & Buddhas

Journey across the hidden Kingdoms of Tibet

Reflect and explore the background, ideas and practices which emerged from the teachings of
ancient Yoga, the time of the Buddha, subsequent aspirants and teachers

3 - 28 June 2019


Itinerary (summary):

  • Tibet’s Valley of the Kings: Cradle of Tibetan civilisation
  • Lhasa: Potala Palace, artisan market, temples
  • Samye: Tibet’s 1st Monastery
  • Mt Kailash: Mystical Mt Meru – Celestial Kingdom
  • Festival of Light: FULL MOON enlightenment celebration
  • Kailash kora: meditative pilgrimage walking circuit
  • Abode of Yogis & Buddhas: Shiva, Milarepa, Rinpoches
  • Lake Manasarovar: Yogic pilgrimage & purification site
  • Guge Lost Kingdom: Ancient fortress & ruins


Unique features (outline):

  • Small group - Maximun 14 bookings
  • Accompanied by Australian Group Leader, Senior Registered Yoga Teacher with
    20+ years Kailash-Tibet-Yoga teaching experience
  • Extended stay at Mt Kailash including options to walk around the base of the
    mountain or stay in nearby settlement accommodation
  • Suitable for Mature age as well as more Active participants
  • Comprehensive Information package - NOW AVAILABLE
  • Individual personalised guidance pre-departure
  • Optional Group meeting in Sydney pre-departure


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