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01 Jan 2021

31 Dec 2023


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Clare Raffety

The way I have offered support and guidance for others through yoga is by an invitation to join me on a journey. For over 20 years the majority of participants in my in person classes have enrolled for a 10 session term. This has given us the opportunity to experience the richness of exploring an overarching theme. Feedback over the years has affirmed that this is valuable and helpful so I am inviting you to our ongoing journey in this mode of online recordings.

Each 3 month period offers within it one or two overarching themes that provide a focus for our practice together (to see what has been offered since autumn 2020 please scroll down). 

You can join the current journey (seed) and add as much additional content as you would like. Some of the previous yoga journey themes are also offered as courses so feel free to check those out also.

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