Owning and Loving you Personal Practice so it Rings True for You

Hatha, Flow, Yin, Scaravelli, Iyengar Influenced

YA State events

YA State events



12 Feb 2023

12 Feb 2023


11.30am - 1.30pm


$25 member

$50 non member


Katie de Araujo

Svadhyaya, ahimsa and satya are three guiding principles one can use to create a container for their time seeped in yoga.

Your presenter, Katie de Araujo, has deeply considered the effects of using the word 'practice' and its ramifications and would like to share her learnings with other teachers.

This session aims to identify any barriers between ourself and our yoga and name and transform those barriers.

Katie will teach movement beyond the asana using mostly a Scaravelli approach. New sensations and techniques are likely to arise during the session along with questions.

The aim is to walk away with renewed love of your yoga time and feeling deeply supported by your yoga community.

This is a live, face to face event.

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