Range Energy - SPIRIT.3H Yoga Chi Gung and Optional Rain forest Walk

Yoga Chi Gung





01 Mar 2019

21 Jun 2019


9:15 am - 10:45 am


$12 per class or $60 for 5 cla



tony Gibson

YOGA CHI GUNG (YCG) – Instruction to energise and relax the body and mind with a series of postures, flows and meditation incorporating traditional Chinese medicine. Do you feel overloaded, stressed or anxious and not sleeping? It might be time to try YCG?   First class is FREE

  • Find meaning and wellbeing
  • Invigorated body and a clear mind
  • Increased strength and suppleness
  • Ability to move through change and difficult life situations
  • Improved quality of sleep and relaxation

YCG is a body friendly fusion of Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and Chi Gung (or Qigong) practiced in a gentle slow flow.

Testimonial - Since I have started Yoga Chi Gung I have found so many benefits, I am more flexible, my balance has improved immensely, and my anxiety levels are much lower. I was also surprised that my blood pressure had gone down to more normal levels. Last but not least I seem to have a much better nights' sleep.  Thank you Tony for improving my overall wellness.

HOLISTIC COACHING enhances careers, leadership, communication, managing change, team participation and relationships. Would you like help in understanding yourself more? Why not make an appointment?

All ages are welcome (14 to 94 and beyond with a responsible adult in attendance)

WHEN?  YCG CLASSES: Commences at Mapleton on 1 March 2019 - Fridays 9:15 for 9:30 am

WHERE?  Mapleton Hall, 31 Obi Obi Road, Mapleton

CONTACT:  Tony on MS 0419791860 or email [email protected]

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