Relax & Rebalance Immersion

Meditation, Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra with live Crystal Bowl sound

Short Workshops - 1 day or less

Short Workshops - 1 day or less



29 Mar 2020

29 Mar 2020


12:30pm - 3:00pm


$59 Regular / $55 Saltwater An

$59 Regular / $55 Saltwater Annual Members


Kirsty Welch

2.5 hours of Meditation, Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra with live Crystal Bowl sound.

Join Ross & Amy in a Yoga & Meditation Immersion designed to relax the body & calm the mind. Our key focus is to rebalance the nervous system so we can better adapt, respond and recover when faced with stress, challenge or adversity.


Short powerful meditations designed to improve coherence between the heart & the brain increasing your resilience.
• Yin Yoga to release the myofascia & connective tissues throughout the body for optimal wellbeing
• Restore and rebalance the nervous system with Yoga Nidra Meditation & therapeutic sounds of quartz crystal bowls.
Leave feeling completely relaxed, rebalanced & rejuvenated,
with a greater sense of wellbeing, resilience, focus and clarity.

Ross is a Yoga and Meditation teacher, with an emphasis on Mindfulness, Human performance and building resilience which he draws from his extensive Military background. Ross has studied Yoga, Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra through world-renowned teachers, and believes everyone should blend a wellness modality into their daily life to build resilience, and have the tools to effectively cope with modern day living.
Amy is the founder of House of Yogin hosting events, education and retreats to support an optimal state of wellbeing within the pace of modern life. Combining her training in myofascial release therapy, movement, meditation, sound therapy along with her deep interest in neuroscience and human performance, Amy works with large corporates, executives and wellness centres.


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