Restorative Yoga Training (Yoga Therapy)

Restorative Yoga, Yoga Therapy

Intensives - more than 1 day

Intensives - more than 1 day



13 Dec 2019

16 Dec 2019


8.00am - 4.45pm


$990 early bird, $1250 Full

$990 early bird, $1250 Full, (shared lunch daily by students, accomodation option extras available)


Celia Roberts

Summary of CPD Courses at BIYOME

Offered February through November to current students, teachers, practitioners and the larger community and designed to enhance learning and continued professional development.  Throughout the year the BioMedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation offers a variety of 50-hour Professional Development Courses in restorative based Yoga and Meditation.  These courses entail 33 hours face-to-face contact as well as 17 hours enhanced online learning and can be utilised as part of the current BIYOME course, or to develop and enrich current qualifications.

What you will walk away with

Upon completion of each individual course your teaching skills will be second to none.  You will gain the skills to connect compassionately and to listen deeply to an individual.  Attaining adept knowledge within a biomedical framework of specialty yoga and meditation techniques you will be able to provide clients with skills of resilience, and positive, lasting change.

 Restorative Yoga Therapy

(December 13th – 16th 2019)

Bridging the gap between a strong yoga class and a seated mediation class restorative yoga is an evidence-based practice providing a level of rejuvenation that many within our chaotic society cannot access in other ways.

Sleep deprived, exhausted, and over worked many clienteles within our society come seeking a sense of relief from chronic illness, inflammation, anxiety, depression, or a sense of unease.  Learning to teach restorative practices and to focus classes on the benefits of self-care enables a richness within the practitioner’s services that allows for integrative wellbeing in their clientele.

Moreover, restorative yoga has the capacity to completely tone the nervous system, deep interoceptive awareness is developed to transform suffering.  Restorative yoga is a magnificent and empowering therapeutic tool that awakens the energetic systems of the mind-body developing a heightened sensitivity and a gentle self-compassion; this then, intrinsically enhancing holistic wellbeing making it incredibly accessible to many people

Restorative Yoga for Rejuvenescent based Practice provides an immersive experience that enables all yoga practitioners to have a first-hand proficiency and adept understanding of psychosomatic medicine and the healing process.  Such includes specific practices in asanas, sequencing, touch adjustments, accurate and precise alignment tutelage, correct prop usage, pranayama with Props, and the physiology of relaxation.

Specialised Theory of Technique

·      Understanding the philosophy behind practice including the history and roots of the body’s energetic connections and utilising Restorative Yoga as Therapy.

·      Understanding the physiology behind practice including the neurobiology of relaxation, stimulation of the vagus nerve, a deeper understanding of the pranic body, as well as the anatomy the heart in restoration.

·      Understanding the psychology behind practice including understanding the connectivity and difference between the heart and the mind, the heart and the brain, and the effect of restorative yoga.

·      Understanding from a complete immersive experience the foundations, applications, and teaching methodologies – including the adept use of props - of restorative yoga therapy with leading industry practitioners.

Taught by:

Marian Cavanagh (Registered Relax & Renew Instructor & Senior Yoga Teacher)

Required book

1.     Lasater, J. (2017). Restore and rebalance: Yoga for deep relaxation. Boston, MA: Shambhala Publications.

Required Props

1 yoga mat
2-4 bolsters
2-4 blocks
4-8 blankets
2-3 eye pillows

Optional props

1 yoga strap
2 sand bags
meditation cushion/s

50CPD Investment

Investment for Specialty Intensive Training from $1,249 (early bird rates offered)

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