Sacred Sound Immersion

Mantra chanting

Intensives - more than 1 day

Intensives - more than 1 day



15 May 2021

22 May 2021


1.30 - 6.30pm



Includes 10 hours immersive training, manual, recordings & afternoon tea


Anahata Giri

Sacred Sound & Silence 10 Hour Immersion

Explore four traditions of sound: nada, bhakti, vedic and tantric, to delight, inspire and nourish your practice and teaching.

For yoga teachers & students, all welcome

Mantra and chanting is a beautiful way to deepen our breath, focus our minds and open our hearts. The use of sound can release and transform emotional and mental holding to create space for a deeper beingness to permeate us. Sound practices are a perfect bridge into meditation and into a deeper inner inquiry and self-exploration. We use sound as practice, not performance, making sound practice accessible to all.

This experiential immersion offers deep nourishment and also gives yoga and meditation teachers practice and theory to then be able to sound practice in their classes. In this training participants will:

  • Learn a wide repertoire of sound practices ranging from simple humming nada sound practices, tantric chakra based practices, chants for asana practice, many powerful bhakti heart-based mantras, to beautiful Vedic prayers.

  • Experience both contemporary and traditional practices that can be included within any yoga or meditation style or tradition.

  • Explore the effects and benefits of mantra, drawing on the fields of yoga, meditation and neuroscience.

  • Explore a theoretical framework covering four sound traditions: vedic, tantric, bhakti and nada yoga. This framework is especially useful to help place any sound practice in context and to enhance our understanding of the deep purpose behind these practices.

  • Use sound to deepen your practice and teaching of yoga philosophy and self inquiry

  • For teachers: learn ways to teach mantra, meditation infused with yoga philosophy and your approach

  • Receive a Yoga of Sound Manual, recordings of chants and a Certificate of Completion.

    Rusty voices are very welcome! This workshop is suitable for both beginner and experienced students of mantra yoga. The practices are easy to learn and to teach even without any previous musical experience.
    This workshop earns 9 CPD points for Yoga Australia members.

“To sing is not enough. We must tap the powers that lie beneath the consciousness of the song. The song leads down to the chant, the chant leads down to the tone, the tone leads down to the breath and the breath leads to the energy beneath the sound – the roar of silence. ”


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