Self study through asana: an examination of the koshas

Hatha, Iyengar empahsis





13 Jul 2020

19 Jul 2020


4.30pm - 11.00am



Meals but no accommodation


Polly Realf

This week we will work with material from Prashant Iyengar. When Prashant refers to “Modes of practice” he is differentiating the mind set that a practitioner applies within the process of practice. We may be working with a preliminary asana, though be an experienced student. How does this change our experience of practice?

The theory lens of the koshas will frame our “development of capacity for PEACE”. Peace pertains to being at ease within ourselves - within the arising situations of life. We will use asana as ‘situations’ or metaphorical examples, to explore the inner conflicts that arise for us, for example, when at one level we feel we have acted with integrity, yet at another level of understanding we feel uneasy. In sirsasana we may be “balancing” away from the wall, and yet we may be undermining the internal flow of energy that will ultimately nourish us.

Different modes of practice will be applied. Some asana that are known and others that are less known and this asks that we at times embrace “learner” whilst other asana situations cultivate a “studying” mind set.

The program will commence on Monday morning with a 3-hour asana session – other days this will be a 2-hour session. The following days will start with silent meditation on the beach at sunrise (6.00- 6.30am) a light beach side breakfast, some personal reflection time and then asana class at 9.30 – 11.30am. We will share lunch, again move away for personal reflection time, and return in the afternoon, some days for an hour of discussion, and then restorative practice, or return a little later and move straight into pranayama. Practice will close as the sun begins to set. Our studio faces west so we complete practice and then sit for sunset meditation (5.00 – 5.30pm). A light meal is shared before close of day at 7.00pm

This week of retreat interlinks with both the teacher development 25 hour retreat 28 August – September 1 which will focus on the relationship between attention and energy (prajna and prana): understanding alignment as a technique within Iyengar Yoga; and also the 35 hour retreat 9 – 15 November which will focus on Yoga in the darkness: the relevance of the margas - the key teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, to the modern day yogi.

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