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26 Jan 2023

30 Jan 2023


26 Jan - 30 jan



All Inclusive Price for Luxury King Bedroom (all meals, teachings and practices)


Dr Raj Balkaran & Em Jones


with Dr. Raj Balkaran

Soma, Byron Bay, Australia
January 26 - 30, 2023

Recenter. Recharge. Rejuvenate.

Soma is an ancient Sanskrit word for the elixir of life. It was churned from the cosmic oceans by the demons and the gods. Learn how to "churn your own soma" within, and experience its power...

Join Dr. Raj Balkaran for this intimate event to connect with and learn from him in person.

Receive wisdom, insight  and energy that will deepening your spiritual connection and raise your consciousness.

Receive authentic wisdom teachings and initiations that cultivate your own sense of the spiritual and the innate Divine.

Stay in a bright, modern, expansive, comfortable, and beautiful space in luscious Byron Bay, Australia.

Be nourished on all levels - physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually - alongside like-minded travellers on the path of spiritual awakening.

Immerse yourself in a life-changing, healing spiritual Experience with renowned teacher, coach, and healer, Dr. Raj Balkaran.

This Powerful Experience Includes:

~ Energy Transmissions

~ Mantric Initiations

~ Esoteric Knowledge

~ Wisdom Teachings

~ Private One-on-One Spiritual Counsel

~ Academic Lectures

~ Live Storytelling

~ Vedic Ritual

~ Sanskrit Chanting

~ Kirtan (Sacred Sing-Along)

~ Daily Yoga Practice

~ Group Discussion

~ Nature Excursions

~ Intimate Community Connection (15 attendees)

~ Delightful accommodations

~ Enchanting setting

~ Delicious, Wholesome meals catered by Rustic Rishi


You Will:

~ Deepen your spiritual practice

~ Connect with Spirit

~ Have powerful spiritual experiences

~ Gain Clarity on your purpose and path forward

~ Receive Mantric initiations

~ Unlock Potential

~ Discard old patterns which no longer serve you

~ Centre and Ground

~ Recharge, refuel your tank on all levels

~ Enjoy social Connection, Community, Camaraderie

~ Expand your knowledge

~ Broaden your horizons and perspectives

~ Integrate Indian Wisdom Teachings

~ Receive Authentic lineal transmissions

The Retreat Location:

Soma, the same featured in Nicole Kidman's Nine Perfect Strangers,
is a world class spiritual oasis set on 22 acres of rainforest in the Byron Bay hinterland.

You will have have access to luxurious accommodations, sacred fire pit,
geodesic teaching dome, freshwater infinity pool, and the lush bamboo and lychee forests comprising Soma's enchanting grounds.

Byron Bay, Australia
[email protected]

Wholesome Nourishment:

Provided to you by Alex Klein at Rustic Rishi your caterer for the retreat is a devoted plant-based cook with an intention to educate and inspire people to reclaim their kitchen and their health using simple holistic practices and principles. An advocate for cooking with love, Alex is passionate about restoring our connection to the food we eat by sharing ways to gain a greater understanding of how to nourish the body. 



Meet Dr. Raj Balkaran:

Dr. Raj Balkaran is a scholar of Hindu mythology and author of The Stories Behind the Poses (2022), The Goddess and the King in Indian Myth (2018) and The Goddess and the Sun in Indian Myth (2020). He holds advanced degrees in Hinduism from the University of Toronto and University of Calgary.

Alongside his academic training, Dr. Balkaran apprenticed with an Indian master for twelve years as part of a living oral tradition dedicated to the preservation and application of Hindu philosophy. He therefore brings hundreds of hours of traditional transmissions of yoga philosophy to the table, which he dovetails with academic rigour and captivating storytelling.

A seasoned educator, Dr. Balkaran also teaches online courses on his virtual School of Indian Wisdom and at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies. Beyond teaching and research, he enjoys a thriving spiritual counsel practice, serves as McMaster University's Chaplain of Indian Spirituality and hosts the New Books in Indian Religions Podcast on the New Books Network.



The Stories Behind the Poses:

Dr. Raj is the author of the beautifully written and stunningly illustrated book of Indian mythology for yogis of all levels. Some of the content of the book will be drawn upon within the retreat.

The Stories Behind the Poses plunges into the depths of one of the richest myths in Hinduism: the battle between the demons and the gods who churn the cosmic oceans in search for the elixir of immortality. 
Learn, through the mythology of the poses, more about the roots of this ancient practice and how you can use their teachings to better appreciate and respect yoga’s true origins.



Yoga with Emanuelle:

Em is a Senior Yoga Teacher and has studied and practiced many pathways of yoga in a variety of settings around the world. She continues to study and has a love of learning and sharing with her students.

She runs training for Yoga Teachers and Students in the pathways Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness to enable transformation and bring calm to our frantic lives. She provides online and face-to-face training, her courses can be found at Yogacademyonline.

Em is passionate about Karma yoga, giving back. She is the founder of Yogatheringa not for profit yoga organisation in Brisbane which provides yoga and mediation to the community.


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