Somatic Yoga Workshop - Finding Ease & Comfort in your Life

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Short Workshops - 1 day or less

Short Workshops - 1 day or less



24 Jul 2021

24 Jul 2021


9am - 5pm


$140 - $160

Members Price: A$140 / Non-members: A$160


Alyssa Bird

Finding Comfort and Ease in Your Body in 20 minutes a day – A one day workshop for QLD teachers and students.

This movement workshop is designed to relieve any aches or pains that you may experience with everyday activities such as lying down, sitting, walking, and turning. Or to simply move through life with more ease and grace.

It’s not your typical asana-based yoga class but it does re-connect mind and body, fine-tune your awareness of sensation, use breath to support our movement and vs versa, re-sets the nervous system and promotes self-nurturing.

You will be guided through a comprehensive sequence of slow, gentle movements to promote overall relaxation and postural balance. Most of the movements are performed lying down and are suitable for any level of fitness or flexibility.

You will be invited to slow right down, tune in to your sensations, listen in, and suspend expectations. The movements are very small, subtle and extremely effective with practice but don’t be disheartened if they don’t gel immediately; some of us take more time to relax into the movements.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn about three common postural archetypes and whether you can identify with any of the characteristic sensations and movement patterns.
  • Learn how to fine tune your internal body awareness so you can sense where chronic tension (somatic amnesia) could be causing discomfort in your body and how to release it
  • Practice and take away a simple sequence you can do in 20 minutes to maintain ease and comfort.

Benefits of attending:

  • You may experience a deep sense of relaxation, sensual delight in moving and well being after the day
  • You may walk out feeling quite different in the way you move
  • You may experience relief of discomfort and more range of movement in long-held areas of immobility
  • You may find yourself remembering what it felt like to be comfortable in your own skin and bones


Ease in Lying – releasing tight backs

Ease in Sitting – releasing tight shoulders, necks and hips


Ease in Turning – releasing through twisting

Ease in Walking – releasing the legs and hips

Please bring socks and a shawl/blanket for warmth as well as your mat, blanket and your favorite cushion/bolster to sit on.

Any questions please contact Lesleigh Camm (QLD State Representative) on 0409533701.

Presenter: Katrina Hinton

Katrina Hinton is a 500 hour accredited yoga teacher from the respected Nature Care College and a member of Yoga Australia. She has trained with some of the luminaries of the yoga world and continues to regularly deepen her skills and understanding at local and international workshops.

Katrina specialises in Somatics; a mind-body-movement modality founded by Thomas Hanna, a student of Moshe Feldenkrais. Somatics is a movement therapy designed to re-learn our natural movement patterns so we can move with ease and relieve chronic pain associated with a host of muscular and postural conditions. Katrina is continuously using her own experience and her student’s as research for her classes and is grateful for the life-changing empathy that past injuries have bestowed. Her Somatics classes help people shine a light of new awareness on the way they experience their bodies and movement with more grace and ease.

Katrina teaches small personalised classes from her home studio in Canberra. She is one of only a handful of qualified yoga and Somatics movement educators trained by Donna Farhi, Lisa Petersen and Martha Peterson in Australia.

Katrina also offers individual somatic assessments to identify any postural or trauma related imbalances and prescribes customised somatics movements to address individual’s specific needs.

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