Spring Yin Yoga + Meditation Workshop

Yin Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, Japanese Remedial, Yoga Nidra,

Yoga Online

Yoga Online



28 Aug 2022

28 Aug 2022


1pm - 3.30pm



book via bank transfer (contact Gwynne for details)


Gwynne Jones

Spring Yin Meditation Workshop ~ the wood element

28th August, 1pm - 3pm (live on zoom)

yin yoga, breath practice and meditation to support your opening into growth phase of spring.

coming out of winter. 

it’s time to shed our winter layers, release physical mental heaviness, improve mobility and open tight bodies 

relax tensions and

knote promote smooth ki flow throughout body hear mind

recovering lightness ease and spaciousness. 

spring is a new phase, one of growth and embracing new beginnings.

this workshop explores yoga, japanese self massage, breath and meditation practices specifically related to Spring. 

gentle postures focus on stimulating energy flows in the wood meridians helping improve the energy flows, releasing side body tensions, while supporting the nervous system and opening the heart mind

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