Sunday Soothe





17 Nov 2019

17 Nov 2019


2.30pm - 4pm



Bookings essential


Angelique Pratten

Music can soothe the soul, motivate the motionless and move us to tears. It can tell a story, ease a challenge and celebrate an occasion.

Music also has some significant scientific benefits for our health and overall well being.

Listening to music has been shown to improve memory function, increase rate of healing, improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety.

Combine this with the restorative movements of a mindful yoga class and you have Sunday Soothe.

Sunday Soothe is ninety minutes of mindful movement blended with live music lovingly delivered by Cass Campbell (Music for the Mind) and Angelique Pratten (Peace it Together).

Suitable for all levels, this mini retreat will guide you toward a deeper level of relaxation, restoration and revitalisation.

All equipment you may require for your ultimate comfort is provided.

All you need to bring is your smile, an open mind and open heart. You may like to wear loose, comfortable clothing to facilitate easeful movement.

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