Taste the Pure Sky of Your True Heart - 7Day Meditation Retreat

iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation and Silent self Inquiry retreat





06 Apr 2023

12 Apr 2023


4 pm - 2 pm


Twin Room share $2500 + GST or

Tuition, Room and Meals included


Fuyuko Toyota

Seven Day Silent Retreat with Richard Miller and Fuyuko Toyota

on 6-12th April 2023 in Sydney 

You can’t taste the word “apple”, you have to bite into it.

The pure sky of your true heart that is your essential nature can never be truly tasted until you’re willing to bite into, fully welcome, and be with your moment-to-moment experience.

Come on retreat and taste the Pure Sky of your True Heart where we meet in the field that lies beyond right, wrong, judgment, comparison, and separation. During retreat, you are invited to experience your innate wholeness that is awake, grounded, authentic, wise, and alive. As you open yourself to your True Heart Essence, you open to healing all the wounds that otherwise bind and contract your heart, which otherwise prevent you from truly feeling and being love.

Time and again, past retreatants report they have experienced this as a true heartfelt coming home to themselves that has opened the door to the unexpected—to delight, wonder, awe, and self-compassion and loving presence.

This silent retreat includes daily periods of meditation, BodySensing hatha yoga, BreathSensing prāṇāyāma, iRest yoga nidra, community gathering, periods of self-inquiry and silent contemplation, and the freedom to awaken and embody who you truly are.

As Buddha said, we need three things for awakening: Teacher, Teachings and Community. Retreat is your opportunity to gather with like-minded practitioners in a safe container that supports deep contemplation and self-inquiry and takes you into the deep stillness of the sky of your True Heart.

Whether you are new to meditation, or are an advanced practitioner, this retreat will enhance your practice of meditation into being a way of enlightened living in daily life.

Only when you are willing to live the pure sky of your true heart essence will you and the world be at peace.

I look forward to our time together, sharing the deep stillness and ease of being and what lies beyond, the mystery that interconnects us all. - Richard & Fuyuko

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