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13 Feb 2021

13 Feb 2021


2:00pm - 5:00pm


$50 = 3-hr session

3-hour Teacher Development Seminar


Sue Everett

Teacher Development Seminars - Online
Suitable for yoga teachers, trainees & experienced/advanced students who are looking for guidance and support in their personal practice, and deepening their skills in teaching to students of all levels & capabilities.
The seminar begins with a 90-mins asana class plus 30-mins Pranayama, after which Sue answers questions from participants regarding the practice & teaching etc. The 30-mins Asana Focus segment highlights a pose from the class to be discussed & 'workshopped' in detail. This can offer insight into effective ways to teach to students progressively, building their understanding and confidence.
The Yoga Teacher Development Seminars – YTDS are designed for yoga teachers and trainees who are taking the next step in their development by working through the syllabi of Iyengar Yoga asana & pranayama.
The YTDS are also for yoga teachers from other styles that are looking for guidance and support in deepening their skills in teaching to students of all levels & capabilities. Please note this seminar is not for beginners!
It is well known that yoga practitioners, trainees & teachers from all over the world and from all yoga styles, continue to be guided by Yogacharya BKS Iyengar’s legacy of a systematic and progressive yoga syllabi that informs the practitioner’s progress and understanding at a deep level.
This collective syllabi in Iyengar Yoga takes the yoga practitioner through a curriculum arc that is challenging, educational, supportive, informative and transformative.
These structured Yoga Teacher Development Seminars – YTDS primarily consist of practical and experiential learning delivered online in supportive & welcoming group contact sessions via Zoom. Also included is a practical approach to yoga philosophy, which underpins and sustains a classical yoga practice.
All live sessions are recorded and shared with registered attendees. This means that if you are unable to attend the 'live' class, you will be able to do the session at another time by watching the recording. Recorded sessions are valid for 4 days. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the recorded session link in your Inbox within 24 hours of the live class.

Please ensure a stable internet connection. For best results connect your computer directly to your internet hub via an Ethernet cable.

Date and session start time is for Melbourne, Australia (AEDT). Please be sure to correlate date and session start time for your timezone. https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

February Schedule: 2pm-3.30pm = Asana Class / 3.30pm-4pm = Pranayama / 4pm-4:30pm = Asana Focus / 4.30pm-5pm = QandA

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