Term 4 Yoga Classes & Yoga Therapy - group or private (via zoom or live)

Satyananda Yoga, Hatha Yoga (Tibetan Aranya tradition), Yoga Therapy

Yoga Online

Yoga Online



13 Oct 2022

15 Dec 2022


12pm - 1:30pm


$250 term fee (10 x 90min week

$25 per 90min online class (can get a recording if you miss it or attend live)


Esther Becchio

This is an ongoing online class (by the school term).  It includes postures for mobility, strength and balance as well as breathing techniques and yoga nidra (deep meditative relaxation). 

The style is Satyananda - classical, breath centred and therapeutic.  If you miss a class, you can get a recording of the class so you stay up to date.  You can make it up face to face if you are close enough.  We usually have a little chat before or after the class to connect which is optional if time.  If you are interested in the theory and philosophy behind yoga, I love the science behind it and have studied many subjects, including the well known chakras in depth and I incorporate theory into each class and teach you about what you are doing so you can integrate more self awareness into everyday life.

This is suitable for complete beginners as well as advanced practitioners.  I provide modifications/variations and a choice of different stages to suit each person and instructions are very specific and manageable to follow in this traditional style of teaching :)  I will need a form completed on enrolment so I know what postures should be modified but I will also remind as we go through the class so you don't do anything to aggravate existing conditions.  If you like a more physical class, I will give you the option of stronger stages.  

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