The Fundamental Stages to, and from, Headstand with Alex Cogley

Yoga, Inversions

Short Workshops - 1 day or less

Short Workshops - 1 day or less



06 Mar 2021

06 Mar 2021


3pm - 5:30pm


$75 - $85

Members Price: A$75 / Non-members: A$85


Alyssa Bird

Headstands can be exhilarating, and daunting….. You’re balancing the whole of your body on your delicate neck!

This 2 ½ hour workshop is for anyone interested in learning more about how to prepare, do and come out of headstand, safely and with confidence.

Inversions have many benefits including:

  • promoting longevity,
  • reducing stress,
  • improving circulation and immunity,
  • relieving spinal pain,
  • enhancing the quality of your sleep and,
  • boosting your mood

This practical workshop will teach you a method that safely and systematically will help you and/or your yoga students, at any level of experience, to access, learn and improve.

The Yoga Synergy (Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss) method of teaching inversions will be used, along with Alex’s 25 years of inversion experience.

We will cover the fundamentals of the different muscles and alignment points that are helpful in accessing this pose, the skills needed to build strength and stability for the pose, how to maintain the pose and understand what you need to do once you come out safely, so that the neck is protected and released properly.

Who is this workshop recommended for?

It is suitable for all levels; however, it is advised that you have some yoga experience of a least 2-3 months.

It is recommended that you have some body awareness, an open mind, desire to try something new and have some fun. You should be able to hold Downward Dog, Wide-Legged Forward Bend, Forearm Plank, and Dolphin for a minute each.

Please note: This workshop is not suitable for students who are pregnant, unmedicated blood pressure, neck injuries, eye issues (detached retina, glaucoma) and some heart conditions. If you are recovering from an injury, please discuss with your Doctor first and then contact Alex Cogley to discuss.

“Inversion make you feel good, that doesn’t have to be a full headstand or handstand, but also wonderful more passive versions like legs up the wall or even downward facing dog. Going upside down takes you out of your norm, it turns you on your head, it gives new perspectives, new challenges, and you feel invigorated”.

Lecturer: Alex Cogley

Join highly experienced Yoga teacher and IYTA lecturer, Alex Cogley, for this 2.5 hour workshop on how to prepare, do, safely come out of, and modify headstands in this fun and informative workshop.

Alex has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. In 2000 she started her three-year training program with the founders of Yoga Synergy, Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss. Over the last few decades she has studied with many other renowned teachers including Clive Sheridan, Shandor Remete, Donna Farhi and in 2015 started the IYTA Advanced Teacher training program. As a qualified Yoga Synergy teacher, Alex ran the Yoga Synergy School in Manly, which she taught at for over 11 years, she later started up the Yoga Co-operative Manly and in 2016 she was invited to move her classes to the long established Manly Yoga Centre, (a highly respected centre, established in Manly over 40 years ago). Alex believes that safely challenging the body, in a fun and intelligent way, helps create a strong, healthy body and a calm focused mind – not just on the mat, but beyond.

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