The Power of Breath - Yoga & Meditation Retreat





23 Aug 2019

25 Aug 2019


3pm - 2pm


Standard price: $NZ 475 pp

Early Bird price: 10% discount (use Promo Code EB10 for Early Bird on the bookings page.) if paid in full by 24th July 2019.


Swami Karma Karuna

Join us for this special weekend retreat at Tauhara Retreat Centre, Lake Taupo where we will explore the power of the breath and prana through Hatha Yoga, breathing and meditation techniques, and an optional hot springs visit (extra cost).

You will learn the simple science behind the breath and its connection to the physical, mental and energetic experiences as well as gaining understanding on how the breath influences the nervous system. Experience the difference between conscious and unconscious breathing and learn how to develop better breathing patterns, thus influencing the mental and physical health.

Inter-related to the breath is the vital force called prana, which sustains the body and mind and allows us to feel expanded, balanced, energetic and full of life. Deepen your practice by delving into the five pranas or energy flows within the body and experience them through asana, pranayama, meditation, mudra and bandhas.

By the end of the retreat you will learn practical tools to take away with you that include techniques to calm the mind, heal the body and energise your whole system.

  • Experience different pranayama techniques and learn about their therapeutic benefits; heating, cooling, balancing and tranquilising. 
  • Learn how the breath can be used to activate the relaxation response, support digestion and our health, by using Pranayama and breathing practices to expand the breath capacity, bringing fresh energy and vitality to body and mind.
  • Discover how the breath can be used as a vehicle to release deep held patterns and access new dimensions of consciousness.
  • Experience meditation practices that focus on the breath as a way to stimulate prana, our vital life force and enjoy Yoga Nidra deep relaxation including the profound practice of Prana Nidra.  

This weekend retreat is ideal for beginners through to seasoned practitioners and yoga teachers or healthcare workers keen to explore the breath at a deeper level, and gain a understanding of the breath from theoretical, practical and scientific view point. 

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