Winter Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreat






21 Jul 2019

25 Jul 2019


14:00 - 14:00


$750 Early Bird $800

all food, standard accommodation, 7 yoga related classes per day


Swami Atmamuktananda

Add Meaningfulness to Life: Increase Inner Peace through Silent Introspection

The purpose of vidya is to know our center. If we get to our source then we will experience completeness, bliss or anandam. Sw. Satyananda

Winter is a time when the natural outward moving energies intuitively begin to turn inwards making a silent retreat a perfect time for self awareness and reflective practices to discover the quieter inner you.  

The ashram situated on the edge of the Wombat State Forest is a perfect silent retreat environment.  A short silent retreat offers precious time and space, not always available in other forms of living. 

Make a Sankalpa – intention and commit to a silent retreat to recognize the present mind, here and now and cultivate the attitude of becoming a watcher to ones actions & reactions.

The body cannot move without an instruction, but unfortunately the mind does.  The more we are conscious and present naturally the mind becomes less busy, more focused and clear without effort, revealing deeper understanding and inner contentment.

The retreat includes:

  • yoga asanas & pranayama become the basis for stillness 
  • the body mind connection
  • sitting meditation: Antar Mouna – attitude of a witness to cultivate equanimity and inner silence
  • Yoga Nidra – deep relaxation for body, mind & emotions
  • walking meditation: using the senses to be present 
  • encouraged to keep a personal diary

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