Yin Yoga for Activist and Change Makers


Short Courses - 1 week or more

Short Courses - 1 week or more



11 Sep 2022

25 Sep 2022


2pm - 3:40pm



Sliding scale


Steph Long

Yin yoga for activist and change makers is a three session course over three consecutive weeks 

Sunday 11 September 2pm to 3:40pm

Sunday 18 September 2pm to 3:40pm

Sunday 25 September 2pm to 3:40pm

During the sessions, we will complete a yin practice combining long held poses (asana) with breathing techniques (pranyama) and simple mindfulness (dhyana). The magic of yin yoga is in the time that is spent in each poses rather than the intensity of the pose and you are in control of how strong or intense the yoga is. 

For many people, yin yoga is a calming, grounding and restoring practice that can be a very useful antidote to the busy-ness of daily life. For those activists and change makers, the drive to constantly think, plan, do can be exhausting. It can impact on our ability to think clearly and make decision, sleep, interact with others and our general tolerance for everyday challenges. And yet, as activist the most important resource is ourselves. This course is an opportunity to learn skills to look after yourself.

Yin yoga is an accesible yoga style where each pose can be adapted to suit the unique individual needs of each person. This attention to personal needs allows opportunity to practice the incredible useful art of paying attention. No prior yoga experience is necessary. If you are concerned about whether yin yoga is suitable for you, please don't hesitate to get in contact and we can chat about. 

During the sessions I will  provide information about the physiological, energetic and mental benefits of yin yoga so that you can build an understanding of how what you are experiencing works. There will be simple handouts so you can continue to practice your favourite poses at home. 

Session times/dates: This course will run over three consecutive Sundays in September - 11,18, 25 September from 2pm to 3:40pm. It would be fantastic if you can attend all three sessions as knowledge will build each week, however I understand that life is sometimes full!

What you will need: a couple of thick towels or a yoga mat and towel, and a small pillow might be helpful. Otherwise just yourself in comfy clothes with a willingness to give things a try. 

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