Yoga for Healthy Ageing 4-part therapeutic yoga series

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy



10 Oct 2021

31 Oct 2021


2.00 pm - 4.00 pm


$50/session booked individuall

Sessions can be booked individually or as a package


Cherise Vallet

What really is ‘healthy ageing’? While we can’t necessarily control all the factors of ageing such as genetics and past experience, yoga offers us many opportunities to foster well-being throughout our life span.

This therapeutic yoga series with  Cherise Vallet will take you on a fun and meaningful exploration of our multi-faceted selves through the lens of ageing in the healthiest way possible, no matter your present condition. We’re all going this direction, so we might as well find out the most delightful ways to do it!

While each week of this series of 2-hour sessions will build on the previous one, you may also just choose what appeals or piques your curiosity the most. After all, curiosity is a key attitude in keeping the mind in a youthful and open state. So join for all four sessions or just what appeals, you are welcome either way.

No prior yoga experience necessary. At the end of this series you will have a rich choice of practices, and experience using them.  Practice notes provided each week.

Bookings: Yoga Spirit - Short Courses - Flex Appeal and Silver Wisdom - Yoga Series for Healthy Ageing

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